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Power washers in Miami Gardens, FL

When was the last time you gave your home or business establishment a fresh and deep-cleaned look? I bet, those mold, moss, and dirt that managed to settle in your driveway, roof, pool deck, and other parts of your property are becoming an eyesore. The dirt and sediments accumulated on your roofing materials can weaken its integrity, while the mossy walkway in your yard can be a source of accidents such as slipping. Get in touch today for your free estimate.
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When you trust us with your exterior cleaning needs, the job isn’t done until you say so.

Man cleaning patio with high pressure cleaner

Hard Surface Washing

We perform porch and patio cleaning, get rid of filth build-up on pavers and stone walkways. We are also experts in pool deck and driveway cleaning.
Man cleaning vinyl siding with power washer

Home Exterior Cleaning

We offer meticulous vinyl siding and wood deck cleaning to remove dirt that weakens its foundation. We also provide roof, fence, and window cleaning,
Cleaning leaves from gutter system

Gutter Cleaning

Time to get rid of the dried leaves, pine needles, sediments, and other debris that have managed to settle in your gutter system over some time
Man cleaning sides of industrial building

Commercial Power Washing

Who wants to go shop at a dirty business? Let us help you look your best and keep your customers coming back for more!

We are one of the top-leading power washer service providers with an impeccable track record of satisfactory delivery of services. There are many reasons why a great, deep clean is necessary for your property. Power washing can be done to improve or save your roof’s integrity, improve rainwater flow and prevent backflows on your gutter system, eliminates moss and algae build-up on driveways and walkways, efficiently remove run-down paint, graffiti, and gums on walls and floors, effectively get rid of accumulated dust, dirt, and grime on fences and other parts of the property.

Power washing is a revolutionary method of cleaning tough to scrub dirt on exterior parts of the property. It saves time, effort, energy while effectively cleans the area. It does not consume too much water as opposed to most opinions because the force that is used to remove dirt comes from the pressure coming from the washer. It saves more water than the manual scrubbing method we’re once used to do.

However, not all tasks require intense power and pressure because the force emitted from the power washer can damage the property such as its roofing, glass, and shutters. It can also damage nearby plants, especially when dealing with garden cleaning and pool deck cleaning in residential areas. We meticulously plan our course of action before delivering the actual task to prevent damages.

We render a wide array of power washing services including hard surface cleaning, home exterior cleaning, gutter cleaning, and commercial power washing. What makes us a practical option for your deep cleaning needs is that we serve our clients with professional, skilled, and organized cleaning at a budget-friendly cost that’s almost the same as most power washer rental rates. You don’t have to worry about renting, operating, and finding time to clean your property with us. Just book a power wash cleaning service with us and we’ll give you the quality clean beyond your expectations.

You don’t have to worry about your plants and pets because we use environmentally-friendly cleaners to remove gum, oil, tar, rust, rubber tire marks, and dirt, degraded paint, and algae build-up, sediments, insects, weeds, debris, and other filth presents. We delicately consider several factors to ensure that we’re doing our tasks correctly by coordinating closely with property managers and homeowners’ associations to make sure that our delivery of service conforms with their requirements.

Our Pressure Washing Services

Hard Surface Washing

Organic matter naturally holds and settles in hard surfaces and as time goes by, it covers the entire wall or walkways along with thick layers of dust and moss. Though it’s a natural phenomenon, it can be an eyesore, a cause of accidents, and could even damage the structure’s foundation and weaken its durability.

We understand the significance of fresh and neat-looking surroundings to one’s business and mood. The not-so-attractive moss and dried organic matter on your walls, walkways, porch, pavers, patio, pool deck, and driveway can spoil your mood. Let’s freshen your place up and let our skilled team of power washer cleaners handle the cleaning in no time.

We use our proprietary designed tools and premium-grade equipment to deliver a smooth, quick, and elite quality clean that your place deserves. Our cleaning solutions are environmentally safe to ensure the safety of your plants and pets around as we perform our premier cleaning services. With us, no section will be left uncleaned and we’ll thoroughly get rid of stubborn dirt on hard-to-reach surfaces giving you an extra ounce of satisfaction from our elite line of power washing services.

Home Exterior Cleaning

Our home’s exteriors are regularly exposed to harsh natural elements such as mold build-up, pest infestation, bird nests, algae or moss growth, dust, soil, and dirt. The rapidly changing weather conditions make their growth and infestation even more favorable for them. As a result, our home becomes a nestle of allergens and annoying pests, not to mention the degradation in our property’s value and attractiveness.

Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain the cleanliness quality of our homes, improve their value, and maintain being a haven against disease-causing pathogens, viruses, and fungus. We pride ourselves on our premier home exterior power washing services that cover the roof, windows, fence, and other exterior surfaces.

We deliver our job with keen attention to materials and smart planning so we can use the right level of intensity as not to damage the architectural integrity and structure of your home’s exteriors. Power washing cleaning requires expertise and proper training because the application of too much pressure can damage wood, bricks, stone walkways, and cement. That’s why we only employ the best and most skilled personnel to deliver the job for you.

Thorough, meticulous, and high standard deep clean quality is what we have to offer. Our great reviews and recommendations from our previous and regular clients speak strongly of our services.

Gutter Cleaning

The gutter system requires regular cleaning for a multitude of reasons. During hot summer days, the dried leaves and wooden debris can cause fires while on wet, rainy seasons, it can clog up your gutter system and create rainwater backflow or overflow, resulting in costly repairs. Accumulated water pooling in your gutters is also a favorable breeding ground for pests and disease-causing mosquitoes. It can also denude your gutter materials and eventually destroy your gutter system and when overflows often happen, it can affect the property’s foundation and deteriorate its condition.

We are the best team of experts to call to address your gutter needs because we’re skillfully equipped with proper training, expertise, and top-grade powerful tools to help us clean all types of gutter systems effectively. We provide full-service gutter power washing to remove organic materials and contaminants present on your gutters making them look squeaky clean. Our cleaning solutions and gutter cleaning services are available for all types of gutter materials leaving you only with the best results.

Save yourself from unsafe ladder trips to the roof, money, and time by choosing our premier class services where your cleaning needs are our expertise.

Commercial Power Washing

Your commercial establishment is also the second home for you and your employees because that’s where you spend most of your time. Keeping it clean and conducive for working will improve your business growth and productivity. A messy and dirty-looking working area can cause stress and that’s the least you need to function properly as a team. Take care of your employees' mental and physical health by providing them with a healthy working environment that could help them function optimally.

We offer the perfect commercial power washing services for your industrial and commercial needs with our diverse and highly skilled experts. Our high-powered power washers deliver a wide array of pressure that could accommodate all types of pressure intensity required to clean your property.

Our Approach

We are a premier pressure washing company serving southern Florida with top-quality service performed with our top-of-the-line power equipment that makes our job easier and more efficient. We handle every job we take with meticulous performance and planning to ensure that no damage will be done as we deliver our service.

Not all cleaning and washing tasks require the same power and intensity as other jobs require low or high PSI. This is where our planning skills come in. We plan out our approach and course of action before “actually” performing our tasks because we only want the best for our clients as they are the reason why our business exists.

We understand that cleaning can be time-consuming and you’re busy won’t allow you to have time to do it all by yourself. Without the right skills and proper tools, it can drain your energy, time, and money spent on ineffective tools. Let us do it for you instead. You’ll get excellent professional service, outstanding deep clean quality, prompt response, a reliable reputation, and affordable rates.

Our customer service team is available to entertain your inquiries and booking requests and as soon as we get a job order, we dispatch our highly trained power washer team to deliver the service you need. We live by our mission to clean your properties with perfection.

Frequently asked questions

The most recent rate for hiring a professional pressure washer ranges between $0.08-$0.35 and can go as high as $0.40-$0.80 per square foot for severely matted and dirty projects. However, this depends on the local rate, the state you’re situated in, and the service providers.

We offer reasonable rates that are convenient and comfortable for us both. We quote our rates depending on the condition of the area that requires washing and other factors that we proactively discuss before starting the job. If you’re on a tight budget, we are always meeting your needs and affordability in between without jeopardizing quality. Contact us and we’ll discuss things in detail.

Due to the pressure emitted by power washers, it can cause irreversible damage to concrete and pavers. It can cause visible marks such as pitting, lines, and general surface deterioration. Furthermore, it can degrade the mortar in between bricks, and remove the joint sand placed in between paving stones. Concrete slabs installed less than 12 months ago are prone to deteriorate quickly when power washed than the older and seasoned ones.

However, when power washing is done by seasoned experts with a reputable track service record, the potential damage is avoidable. Our power washers are trained, experienced, and are continuously honed to deliver excellent power washing performance using the latest strategies, tools, and flexible, customer-centric approaches in cleaning without collateral damages.

Pressure washing is a great way to deep clean your cedar siding and shakes but just like any wood, it is vulnerable to damage when exposed to extreme pressure especially the aged and dried out ones. The trick is to use a low PSI pressure washer or have the pressure adjusted to its lowest PSI level and use the right nozzle for softwoods. Doing it yourself holds no certainty that you can achieve the best or at least desirable results.

The best option is to hire a power washing service provider who has a reputable service history and great feedback. We, at Miami Gardens, employ a highly trained and experienced team of washers who know how to deal with sensitive cedar shakes and sidings without damaging their integrity.

Each power washer varies in price depending on the model, brand, and added features. There’s a wide variety of power washer machines in the market and there’s too much price range to discuss.

We use high-powered, top-of-the-line, and commercial/industrial grade power washer machines that enable us to deliver our job effectively. Our power washer machines are equipped with different PSI levels that can flexibly accommodate all types of power washing requirements.

Wood decks are sensitive to pressure emitted by power washers and can cause splintering and exacerbate decks that are starting to lose integrity. Moreover, power washing is also not recommended for composite decks because it can take chips out from the deck, and damages caused by power washing are not covered by most warranties. However, other products like Trex transcend products can be power washed at 1500 PSI just enough to take off debris and debris.

Choosing to DIY this task can lead to costly repairs but hiring the best power washing service providers can give you the best results you’re looking for without the heartbreaking damage that power washing may cause. Getting help from experienced experts will save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

Power washing your car engine is the most effective method of washing and cleaning away dirt and grime that has naturally built up and settled in your engine bay area. But there are dangers in power washing your car engine when done incorrectly. That’s why we only recommend hiring a trained and experienced expert to get the job done. We offer effective and safe car engine power washing services performed by the best washers in the industry.

Maintaining a clean car engine allows you to easily spot problems and prevents dirt from penetrating other engine parts. Moreover, the longer-term benefit of having it power washed regularly is you get to enjoy your car’s longer usability and safer ride in general.